NEW!! Poster Sessions

Why Poster Sessions?


Parish ministry leaders have more wisdom and experience than we can share during the 2020 Mid-Atlantic Congress (MAC). We are adding poster sessions this year to give successful and experienced ministry practitioners the opportunity to share a "success story" or "best practice" with other participants who may be looking for a new idea or are trying to solve a problem.

What Is a Poster Session?


Poster sessions are traditionally a way for practitioners in a field to share an idea or demonstrate an activity or process with their peers. We are adapting what academics and scientists have done for decades for ministry leaders. Our hope is that you and the participants will gather new, exciting ways to make ministry easier, better, and more engaging. 

What Is on a Poster?


Some posters will focus on hard (technical) skills that help define great ministry. e.g., recruiting volunteers, dealing with parents, managing a complex ministry program. Others will be on "soft skills." All of them will feature successful, best practices!

Where Do They Take Place?


In the Exhibit Hall and Key South Foyer with specifically designated times when the presenter of the poster will be available for conversation and further discussion.

Can I Take the Poster Info Home?


Yes! All presenters will make their poster content available in a printed or digital format which will be available during and after the MAC.

What If I Want to Submit a Poster?


Submit your idea today! The process takes about 5 minutes. Submissions are due December 29, 2019. 

Contact us at if you have any questions.